After many months where the market has been restricted to those traders selling essential good only, the market will be back to all traders from this Friday 14th May.

However, the market (like everywhere else) needs to conform to HSE guidelines so there will be a number of changes to the normal way the market works as well as the layout for the foreseeable future.

As it is likely there will be a number of people around the market and specific stalls, we ask that everyone where a mask AT ALL TIMES at the market. This may seem a bit unnecessary as the market is outdoors and if we are going to keep Covid 19 cases down, it essential that we all do what we can to ensure this.

The market is run by the market manager on behalf of Cork County Council who regulate the market for the safety and benefit of everyone. She will be ensuring that the guidelines are followed by both traders as well as visitors to the market.

When at the market, it is important to remember the following important guidelines:

Social distancing is essential at all times to keep everyone safe.

Like in shops, the market cannot be a place to socialise at present. When you visit, please collect what you wish to purchase and leave. This will help keep the number of people at the market to a minimum and give everyone a chance to visit during the day while everyone remains safe.

If possible and can be arranged in advance with traders, please pre order with them and come to the market just to collect items. If you visit the market, please ask traders if they are able to arrange for you to pre-order in future. Some traders have their own online stores, some of which offer a click and collect option that, where possible, can be used to place orders for collection at the market. If not, you may be able to place orders over the phone. Please ask individual traders for more information.

Where possible avoid using cash to purchase items. Quite a few of the traders have facilities for contactless and card payments. If you are unsure please ask.

The market manager will be keeping as many traders in their usual place as possible. However, some will need to be moved so if a trader you are looking for is not in their usual place, it does not mean they are not at the market. This could even change from week to week depending upon the number of stalls at the market.

If you do see anything that you are not happy with while at the market, please let a trader or the market manager know and we will do our best to sort it out.

Please follow us on Facebook or on Twitter at @BantryMarket to stay up to date with us and please remember to always #SupportLocal.

We look forward to seeing you at the market. Please, stay safe everyone.

Bantry Market Traders Association.